Rest is as important as work

You need rest in order to wake up

A new week is like new clothes. They replace the old but the old still exists and is important

Money is money but love will last forever

Every choice must be driven by love

Rest is like Zs. Nobody cares about them but they’re important

We set goals. We adjust. We move forward

Close the book but remember the characters

Work is like vegetables. Play is like fruit. Rest is the garden that grows them

Rest should be explored when there’s no work to do

Turn to rest to gain ideas

If you only move forward, you can only see ahead

Look back to see the challenges you’ve completed. Look forward to see the challenges ahead

It is better to receive and feel the love behind it than to give and not include any love

Love what you have, love what you get

It happens and it’s bad. It passes and it’s good

When it feels really short, you don’t like it. When it feels really long, you love it

If you only know good things, bad things are harder to handle

Everything you want already exists. It’s just not in your hands

Life has a story when you give it one

Everything is equal. It’s a problem if it’s not

If you beat yourself up about something you should, you might not realize that you probably still could

Life is filled with good events, you just have to find them

Possessions won’t make you a good or bad person, it’s who you actually are

Sometimes life can leave you blank and that’s not a bad thing

If you wait, good things will always come

If something is within your reach, it doesn’t mean it is time to take it

If you work on vacation, you’re better off staying home

Schedules can be missed if there’s an important reason to miss it

If you spend your life doing things you don’t like, you’ll be on your deathbed feeling like you wasted it

You don’t get much from being nice, but that shouldn’t stop you

Sometimes something you’re excited about can lead to something horrible

If you “do” without preparing, often it doesn’t go very well

Learn to accept whatever’s thrown at you and you’ll have a more positive life

If there’s something you can’t control, you can still hope it will go your way

If you give yourself a deadline, you’ll get too stressed to actually do it

Sometimes you need to wait for something and that is very healthy

Life is sweet. You just need to add something every once in a while

Home should be important but not completely balanced on

Order and chaos are two different things but one could easily become the other

Judge a book not by its cover but by its first page

Do what you love doing and love what you have to do

It’s only scary if you let it be scary

Sometimes life can hinder you but there’s always an alternative

You can always find light in the darkest situations

You see a monster in a shadow but then you see the source and it’s a friend

When life gives you lemons, try as hard as you can to find the other ingredients to make lemonade
A tree stands stiff for most of its life but when the wind blows most strongly, you see its flexibility
You annoy someone every year on the same day but soon they won’t get annoyed because they expected it.
When something bad happens to you, you’re the one who decides it’s bad

Sometimes what you don’t want can make you very happy

You’re given a box of chocolates but it’s your responsibility to enjoy them